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Points Update (click here)

There seems to be some slight confusion regarding the points calculated on MyRacePass (MRP). We are doing something different this year where the MRP points program is designed to toss out your worst finish of the season and will continue to do this as the season progresses.

For example, if you finished 8th in week 1 you received 46 points. If you finished 9th in week 2 you received 44 points. The week 2 result is, as of now, your worst finish and is discarded until needed.

It's very much like the UMP points system, where you take your best "X" amount if finishes throughout the year.

Each driver is allowed to miss one week and that will serve as your worst finish as the season moves forward.

There may be a few of you whose names don't appear in the points standings. If this sounds like you, please bring it to our attention so we can get it rectified as soon as possible.

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