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                                                      The Flags of Dirt Track Auto Racing

Checkered Flag: The black & white checkered flag is most often used to indicate the conclusion of a race or a set number of specified laps: i.e. distance.

Green Flag: The green flag is most commonly used to indicate the start or restart of a race or time trials.   It also indicates to drivers and track officials that the track is clear for full speed competition.  It can also be waved to signify two laps remaining (i.e. Farmer City & Fairbury).  It is also sometimes used by the starter / flagman when gathered and held high in the air, to indicate to drivers that the next time by full speed racing will commence.

Yellow Flag: The yellow flag is unfurled whenever a hazardous conditon is present on the track.  It calls for competitors to stop racing at full speed and heed caution to emergency vehicles and/or officials..  Drivers are to hold their positions during a yellow flag unless directed to do otherwise by a track official.  It may also be used to nullify the start of a race, signifying a false start or cars poorly aligned prior to the start. 

White Flag: The white flag is waved on the final lap, indicating one lap to go.  It is also used, when crossed with a green flag, to indicate the half way point of a race.

Red Flag: The red flag is waved when track conditions become too severe to continue circling the track.  Often times it is waved to stop drivers on the track so that emergency vehicles may address a dire situation, or to assist emergency vehices to be more efficient in handling a situation. 

Black Flag: The black flag is most commonly waved or pointed to a specific driver who has either violated track rules or has an equipment problem that needs to be addressed in the pit area by crew members or track officials, so that the condition does not bring out a potential yellow or red flag. 

Blue Flag with Orange Stripe: A blue flag with an orange diagonal stripe is most commonly used and waved at slower competitors, as a way of informing them that faster cars are approaching and that they should use caution by holding their line, thus allowing faster competitors a safer opportunity to make a clean pass.  It does not mean that a driver should moveover, as this sometimes creates an unsafe condition.

Auto racing has come a long way over the years with the inception of spotters, computers and radio communication, but one thing that has remained consistent is the use of flags. Flags were first used in motor sports around 1899.They are an historic and essential part of racing to keep the fans and drivers informed of what is happening on the track at any given time. Flags tell the drivers what is going on during practice, qualifying and racing, and they also warn of driving conditions and let the drivers know what the officials want them to do. The colors and meanings of auto racing flags originate from old shipping ports, which used flags to signal to incoming and outgoing ships. You must understand the meaning of the flags though to be fully aware of what is happening on the track. Flags have different meanings in various racing series and sometimes even from track to track. Stationary and waving flags can have different meanings as can a flag pointed at a specific driver, so it's important the officials display the flags in their correct manner  ~ Source Unknown

1. All persons must sign and pay for pit passes before entering the pits, anyone found in pits without pit pass will be asked for proof, and if proof can not be offered they will be asked to leave.  Each driver must purchase one pit pass for each division competing in.  Pit gates will open at 4pm every Friday except for posted specials.  
Ex: Driver competes in UMP Stock Car and UMP Late Model divisions, must have purchased two pit wristbands.

2. Any person, who is caught tampering or altering pit passes, will be escorted off the speedway grounds.

3. ONLY driver or car owner can pick up pay. They must sign for all pay.

4. Driver or Driver Representative must declare what car number, class and driver they will be drawing for before they draw a number for qualification or heat races.  This applies for any driver competing in multiple divisons.  Drivers must also declare whether or not they intend on running for Rookie of the Year in their respective classes.  This must be declared within your first two nights competing in respective divisions.  A Rookie is defined as a driver who has six (6) or fewer races in that division.

5. No one under the age of 16 will be allowed to drive a motorized vehicle in the pits (excluding race drivers).  
Race car drivers must be at least 12 years old.  If under the age of 16 must have proof of medical insurance.

6. No glass bottles allowed on speedway premises.

7. ALL CARS MUST BE SIGNED IN BY 6:00 PM. Draw closes at 6:00pm sharp!  If not signed in by this time you will NOT qualify and put at the tail of a respective heat race, and you will start in the back of a heat race if you draw for position.

8. The schedule and or length of races or events may be changed by track officials due to weather, time restrictions or the number of cars in a race. Time limits are as follows: Heats-8 laps/8 min.-- 6 laps/6 min. Semis-8 laps/8 min-10 laps/10 min.-12 laps/12 min. Features-15 laps/20 min.-20 laps/25 min.-25 laps/30 min ect. 
In features only yellows may be counted if race has 5 min. or less left until there is 5 laps to go. The last 5 laps will be run under green regardless of time.

9. The car owner or driver will be the sole spokesperson in any debate with officials relating to the car or race. The debate will not continue if the car owner or driver can not handle themselves calmly.

10. Abuse of any KCS official and use of improper language or obscene gestures during the nights racing will result in you be escorted off the speedway grounds. If improper language or obscene gestures happen after the nights racing has concluded you will be suspended for the next week of racing. Security will escort you off the speedway ground immediately.

11. Drivers are expected to present and carry themselves as professionals  at all times.  This includes posted comments on any social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Etc.), or other public forums.  This goes not only for this track at Kankakee but other tracks as well.  Comments will be monitored and offender may be subject to discipline and/or suspension.  Please be respectful of your fellow competitors and track officials, both here and at other tracks as well. 

12. DRIVER/CREW MEMBER CONDUCT. Physical altercations in the pits or on the speedway at any time is prohibited 
A. 1st and only Offense---suspension for the rest of the season for all parties involved.

The driver assumes responsibility for the actions for his or her pit crew at all times on the speedway property.


13. Safety of the officials is first and foremost.

14. If any driver runs thru the infield (out of control) a yellow will be brought out and that driver will be put to the tail, regardless of what position they were running in. OFFICIALS DECISION IS FINAL

15. All cars will be expected to pack the track if they wish to race.

16. Qualifying will start at 6:30 pm. Once car is on the clock, that lap will count as a lap regardless of a spin, accident or other such conditions. Unless another car on the track causes loss of time.

17. Late Models will qualify one lap. (ALL OTHER DIVISIONS WILL BE LINED UP BY THE PILL DRAW)  
They must go directly to the scale house following their lap.  Same applies to other divisions when they qualify.

18. Any car that misses their spot in the qualification order will be given “no time”. They will be put to the tail end of a heat race.

19. The fast heat for qualifying classes will be inverted.

20. The Top 5 in all races will report directly to the scale house, failure to do so will result in an automatic disqualification from that race. DO NOT go to your pits first... go directly to scale.

21. If any driver is the cause of 2 UNASSISTED yellow flags, that car will receive the BLACK FLAG.

22. Starters decision will be final on whether any race will be stopped in the event of an accident or other unsafe conditions.

23. When the number of competitive cars in a heat or semi falls below 6, officials may without prior notice reduce the number of laps if no apparent competition exists.

24. No sheet metal will be removed from the cars or pulled away from the tires, only bars that are deemed unsafe will be removed, if the bar or bars cannot be removed that car will be asked to go to the pits. DRIVERS ONLY WILL BE ALLOWED TO PULL AWAY BARS OR SHEET METAL ON RED FLAGS ONLY, THAT DRIVER WILL RETAIN THEIR POSITION. If the driver is caught making adjustments to his/her car he/she will be disqualified.  If the driver gets out of their car under a non red flag condition they will be put to the tail.

25. It is the drivers responsibility to see the starters flags and lights on the track. 

26. Rough driving or the inability to remain competitive could warrant the BLACK FLAG, if a driver fails to acknowledge the black flag, after 2 attempts, we will stop that driver and escort him/her off the race track.


28. Feature only in case of a flat tire-- Before one lap is completed, driver may go to the designated area (turn 2 entrance in pits) to change tire. Driver must remain in car, the car will go to the rear of the line-up upon re-entry. Drivers will be able to change tires during the feature, but must be in the pits, Drivers will NOT be given 2 courtesy laps.

29. The pole sitter will set the pace for the start. The pole will start the race at the turn 4 stripe (on the wall) The front row will be given 2 chances to be side by side at the stripe, after the second time the second row will be moved to the front row. On restarts, the leader will set the pace and there will be no passing before the cone on front stretch. Passing before the cone will warrant penalization of position(s) at the next caution OR after the race (whichever comes first).

30. On double file starts if a driver causes a yellow by him/herself that driver will be put to the tail. 

31. At a restart all lapped traffic will go to the back.

32. NO HOT LAPPING AFTER RACES ARE OVER Go directly off track unless permission is granted by promoter.

33. Any alternates for feature events must be in staging area before race starts. Once feature enters the race track an alternate can not be used. If an alternate is used they will forfeit their semi pay. All cars in feature must take green flap to receive feature pay. 

34. When a driver qualifies for the feature they must start the feature in their own car, if they do not start the feature in their own car it must be a car that was already qualified for the feature and the driver will start at the tail. No alternate will be used.

35. Once a yellow or red flag is displayed, the lineup will be reverted to the last completed lap. If you passed a car on the backstretch and you come to a yellow at the stand, and we revert back to the last completed lap that means you did not pass that car or cars.

36. When a Yellow or Red flag is displayed, the car or cars INVOLVED in the accident, as determined by the officials, must go to the rear of the field OFFICIALS DECISIONS ARE FINAL. If a driver refuses the officials order to take a certain position on the track (I.e. go to the back of the field) resulting in the delay of the race, the black flag could be used.

37. When the yellow flag comes out all cars will slow down and get in line nose to tail so the officials can get you in line quickly so the race can resume immediately. We restart NOSE TO TAIL.

38. Points go to the driver not the car in the class he or she is running in.

39. Points are awarded as follows (no points for heats or semis) 1st-75, 2nd-70, 3rd-65, 4th-60, 5th-55, 6th-50, 7th-48, 8th-46, 9th-44, 10th-42, 11th-40, 12th-39, 13th-38, 14th-37, 15th-36, 16th-35, 17th-34, 18th-33, 19th-32, 20th-31, 21st-30, 22nd-29, 23rd-28, 24th-27, 25th-26 
Drivers not in feature will receive 10 points.


40. A driver meets rookie qualifications for his/her division if he/she raced in 4 or fewer races in a single previous season in that division.

41. In the event of a tie for the Kankakee County Speedway Track Champion, the tie will be broken by: most feature wins, if still a tie, then most second place finishes, this will continue until tie is broken.

42. NO alcoholic beverages will be permitted in the pit area or on the race track until all races have been completed.

43. UMP rules will apply for Late Models, Modifieds, and Street Stocks.  Late Model Tire Rule is 20's, 30's & 40's ONLY, unless outside sanctioning body deems otherwise.

44. a) All cars will have numbers on the sides and the roof of their cars if numbers can not be read from tower they will not be scored, TAKE THIS INTO CONSIDERATION WHEN LETTERING YOUR CAR.

      b) The use of profanity or anything deemed not suitable for children shall not be placed anywhere on your car.

45. a) No checks will be accepted at the pit gate unless you are a Kankakee County Speedway registered driver (regular).    Any driver who writes a check and puts a stop payment on check will be banned from the speedway permanently!  

      b) Any driver who writes a check that does not clear your banking institution will be subject to pay the amount of the original check plus any fees associated with that check.  In either case, if necessary, prosecution may be sought against you.

UMP Sport Compacts must weigh a minimum of #2400 with driver at all times.  UMP does not have a weight rule in this class, however this is a local track rule that will be enforced each week.  So drivers need to be aware of what their cars weigh before arriving at the track.

47. KCS Officials reserve the right to request a doctors release at any time, for any driver to participate at KCS.

48. All eligible drivers must attend Championship Awards Banquet in January to recieve trophies and/or money.

49. All rules subject to change at anytime and will be given proper announcement.
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